A Tip for Faster Web Sites

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) can deliver speed increases and durability for just about any website, regardless of the software or hosting service that you currently use.

With world-wide distribution points for super speed and reliability, CDNs can vastly reduce the traffic to your original website, lowering its hosting requirements, and boosting its availability at the same time.

Ask us about how CDNs can make your site fly.


The long haul
We're here for you

Your information architecture should be a garden, not a billboard. Avoid the cost of tearing down and rebuilding year after year — we'll help you plan for changing needs beyond the short term. We can assist with supporting, integrating and enhancing your existing systems as well.

Automating processes as much as possible, and tying all of your systems together so that you only have to enter information once, and in one place, is what we prefer. Ask us for a free proposal on how to safely navigate your information future.


Support for all
We like weird

We're not a one-size-fits-all bulk provider. We can take care of your specialised systems and requirements, and frequently take on projects that generalised providers won't support.

Whether it's content management*, big data, SEO, social networks, cloud services, email, geo-spatial, science-intensive, or just about any other application, we have the experience and enthusiasm to take on your systems and make them work together.

Challenge us with your projects, no matter how crazy — we love it.

* For content management beyond simplistic systems such as Wordpress, Plone is the CMS we recommend and support. Ask us why.


Non-Profits and NGOs
A decade of experience

Over the years, we've worked with numerous non-profits and social enterprises. We realise that budget dollars can be scarce, and volunteer hours are precious. Our use of free software and sustainable techniques is the way forward to automate the drudgery out of volunteer work, freeing up your valued workers to do other more productive things. In the past, we've even fostered collaboration between non-profits to share the cost of common IT goals.

Our fees for legitimate non-profits are significantly discounted. We may also apply our discounts to certain enterprises which we regard to be socially beneficial. Ask us for an assessment today and find out how much you could save.

All About Us

Sustainable Software Pty Ltd
ABN: 32117186286
Tel: +61 434 288 937
Within Australia:
Tel: 0434 288 937

Sustainable Software is a boutique website and application development company located in Brisbane, Australia. Hire us for personalised, sustainable approaches delivering lasting solutions that don't cost the Earth.

International clients welcome! We have flexible working hours and the tools and experience to work across time zones.

The managing director and principal technologist at Sustainable Software, Sam Stainsby, has at times been a postdoctoral researcher in theoretical physics, a specialist in network management and multimedia R&D at Telstra (Australia's largest telco), a software engineer and team leader, a principal engineer at RSA Security (arguably the biggest global player in security software), and a university lecturer teaching software engineering at Queensland University of Technology (QUT).