About Us

The company

Sustainable Software is a boutique application and website development company located in Brisbane, Australia. Our team has a passion for technology solutions that will wow the world, for systems that are efficient, secure and responsive, and for delivering a customer experience that will exceed your expectations. Sustainable Software takes a personalised approach to managing solutions that will boost the productivity and quality of your business, now and into the future.

Although boutique, we do not limit your options for services. We have the flexibility and skills to create unique solutions for any requirements, and specialise in projects with unique needs. We will develop a system that works best for your business, enhancing every aspect of your online presence. Whether you’re looking to maximise your search engine visibility, create an online community or new website, increase the efficiency of your systems, or develop a content management system, we can work with you to achieve your IT goals. We can offer enhancements that support, integrate and enhance existing systems - helping you prepare for changing needs well beyond the short term. Sustainable Software will work with you to ensure that your systems run with maximum efficiency, are of the highest quality, and that you experience support that is second-to-none.

Whether it's content management, big data, social networks, cloud services, email, geo-spatial, science-intensive, or just about any other application, we have the experience and enthusiasm to take on your systems and make them work together. With flexible hours and years of experience working across timezones, we are also well-positioned to cater to international clients.

The directors

Sustainable Software's two Directors, Sam Stainsby and Deb Robertson, are passionate not only about creating amazing IT solutions, but also about issues relating to social justice and the environment. In business, our primary focus is on creating systems and websites that will last, with the features that will serve you and your business best, but we also have a strong belief in running a business that is sustainable in itself, with minimal environmental impact.

Sam Stainsby

With over two decades of experience, Sustainable Software's technical director, Dr Sam Stainsby, has at times been a postdoctoral researcher in theoretical physics, a specialist in network management and multimedia R&D within Australia'a largest telco, a software engineer and team leader, a principal engineer at a leading multi-national software security firm, and a university lecturer teaching software engineering.

Sam has a passion for developing efficient solutions of the highest quality, using the latest, best tools and practices for the job.

Deb Robertson

Sustainable Software’s strategic director, Dr Deb Robertson, is at the heart of our business strategy and client communications. She comes with years of experience working in various tertiary education, and client focused roles. With a criminology/law focussed doctorate, Deb has taught in the area of social and criminal justice, and has also worked for many years in the insurance and retail industries.

With an eye for detail, Deb is there to make sure things keep running smoothly and to provide a receptive ear for your questions and feedback.