EStar, our new energy rating app

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EStar on devices

UPDATE (Decemper 2, 2014): Version 1.0 released! The beta period has ended. Get EStar for Android.

Sometimes a better quality appliance with a higher price tag will save you money in the long run. The ongoing power consumption of modern appliances can vary greatly, and, while the situation has improved a lot in recent years, some poorly designed appliances will still needlessly guzzle power. The additional cost over the years can be surprising, and so we decided to create an mobile application to help you decide what is best for your situation. You can use EStar when buying new appliances or for examining existing ones in your home or business.

Our app uses the official Australia and New Zealand ENERGY STAR® data set to display star ratings and calculate energy costs across several large appliance categories.

EStar appliance selection

Appliance searches can be narrowed using a wide variety of appliance parameters, such as size and capacity, allowing you to clearly focus on and compare appliances that match your needs.

EStar will be released soon on Android. We anticipate a later release on iOS once it can be fully tested.

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