We're safe from POODLE attacks

safe HTTPS

Over the weekend, all of our servers and our maintained clients' servers were updated to protect against the new SSL version 3.0 "POODLE" vulnerability. SSL is used in 'https://..' prefixed websites, and also other services that require data to be secured, such as mail servers. An older version, SSL v. 3.0, is no longer considered to be secure, and so we have turned off support for it in all applicable services.

This should not affect any access other than very outdated software such as Internet Explorer version 6.

See this article for more information about the POODLE vulnerability.

PS: You may also like to disable SSL v. 3.0 in your browser: https://zmap.io/sslv3/browsers.html

- Sam Stainsby, Technical Director at Sustainable Software Pty Ltd

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